Frequently Asked Questions Innotex 2019

1. What is INNOTEX 2019?

“INNOTEX 2019” is a contest for:

  • Individuals/Startups
  • Corporates
    (a) Annual turnover up to INR 500 Cr.
    (b) Annual turnover more than INR 500 Cr.

in textile and clothing industry in the areas of design, method, process and product

2. Who all can participate in “INNOTEX 2019”?

  • This competition is open to individuals aged 18 or above and Startups, except for employees and
    family members of the organizers, sponsors, regional partners, and knowledge partner. It is for
    to INDIAN Nationals living in India or abroad. And
  • This competition is open to Indian Companies. Organizers, Sponsors, Regional Partners, and
    Knowledge Partner are NOT eligible to Participate. Each company can send a maximum of only
    ONE entry.

3. Is there any participation fee for this contest?

No, there is no participating fee for this contest.

4. Who is organizing this event?

  • This contest is being organized by CITI (Confederation of Indian Textile Industry)
  • NITRA (Northern India Textile Research Association) is the knowledge partner for this contest.

5. Which all sectors are covered in this contest?

Following sectors are covered in this contest- Ginning, Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Processing,
Garmenting, Technical textiles. If your sector is not covered in these please select the “Others” option
and write briefly about the same.

6. How do I/Company know if my improvement idea was an innovation?

Any new idea or improvement of idea is considered an Innovation.

7. Where will the initial and final rounds to be held?

  • `Initial rounds will be held at regional level (venue and date will be communicated later over
  • Final round will be held at New Delhi on September 25, 2019. Venue and dates will be
    communicated to you over phone/email.

9. How can I/Companies apply to this contest?

Interested participants/Companies can apply through the link on

10. Is there an option to apply offline?

No, one can only apply online through the link

11. Can we edit the participation form after final on-line submission of the same?

No. After final submission of the form, no changes/amendments are possible.
However, participants/Companies can fill-up a fresh form and send an email on
( forwarding the new application and giving
reference of his old Unique ID, as NITRA – Knowledge partner will consider only the last one received.

12. In case of any query where shall one/company contact?

In the case of any query the same can be sent at and

13. What is the mechanism for any dispute?

In the case of any dispute decision of organizing committee will be final and binding for all contestants.

14. Will my information be kept confidential?

The organizers and knowledge partner will ensure that the information submitted by participants is kept confidential.