Interactive Session on the latest innovations in the Textile Industry – reg

This is to inform you that CITI as part of the Project Appraisal & Monitoring Committee (PAMC) of the Office of Textile Commissioner has been continuously monitoring the various Research & Development (R&D) projects in this area for the last few years and has compiled a list of relevant and potential innovations.

CITI plans to hold an interactive session between the industry, as potential users of these technologies along with the Innovators/Research Organizations on a selected few latest innovations. The objective is to give more relevant information to the industry on these innovations and seek your interest in using these for product development as also facilitating communication of good adoptable innovation.

Please find enclosed a list of some such technologies. We request you to indicate your area of interest among these or any other technology that you are looking forward to get more details.

List of relevant and potential innovations under the Project Appraisal & Monitoring Committee (PAMC)


S No Title
1 Dyeing of silk, cotton,and art silk with natural dye from plants of northeastern region for specialty dress materials of the region
2 Design and development of sportswear and sports accessories having thermo-physiological comfort properties to enhance the performance assessed by using a sweating thermal manikin system under different environmental conditions
3 Development of new generation high-performance auto responsive green textile through renewable energy resources
4 Development of flame-retardant home textile with antibacterial and self-cleaning property
5 Indiasize for the development of standard body sizes for the Indian apparel sector to address the prevailing disparities and inconsistencies in provided fits
6 Visionxtfor tracking future directions through systematic research of the changing consumption behaviour and evolving mindsets of people in the country by using big data, AI enabled tools and Emotional Intelligence
7 Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment for enhancing the conducting properties of textiles doped with intrinsic conductive polymers
8 Development of a test method for analysing hexavalent chromium content in dyes, pigments and textile auxiliaries
9 Development of electronic servo control drive industrial TFO twister for heavy denier filament yarn
10 Development of cotton waste-based oil absorbent for oil spill clean-up
11 Melt spinning of PVDF/ZNO nanostructure hybrid filament for wearable smart textile
12 Nanofiber application to enhance the anti-clogging properties of geotextiles
13 Analysis of eco-management in Indian textile processing industry
14 Study on radiation-induced modification of textile materials
15 Study on the effect of plasma treatment for adhesion improvement for coated technical textiles
16 Development of a standard method for the identification of dope-dyed and exhaust-dyed polyester fibres /fabrics
17 Development of highly efficient and functional finished reusable protective face mask
18 Plasma-mediated natural dyeing of khadi cotton and silk
19 Eco-friendly natural dyeing of cotton and silk using rare earth metal salts as mordants
20 Sustainable bio-based binder for cold pigment exhaust dyeing for cotton fabric




Placed for your information and necessary action.


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Chandrima Chatterjee 

(Secretary General)