Comprising comprehensive, relevant, reliable and updated reports on policies and development of the Indian textile industry, CITI’s esteemed publications are precise source of information related to textiles and clothing.


CITI’s monthly magazine Textile Times serves as the mouthpiece of the Indian textile industry. The monthly magazine features incisive articles on India’s as well as global textile trade; industry developments; clothing and garment production; export trends; financial and labour related issue; industry happenings, news updates, and more. Each edition provides substantial information to industry leaders, textile associations, cotton and textile traders, equipment manufacturers, government officials and academia.

2023 Textile Times


Textiles & Beyond is a hard bound, coffee table book that captures the highlights of India’s textile history giving a panoramic view of the industry; pictorially describing its eventful history over the centuries, in a reader friendly format. Textiles & Beyond is a limited edition, collector’s book on textiles, taking cognizance of the evolutionary stages of CITI (earlier ICMF), a time span of over 133 years- since 1875 and capturing the many trajectories of growth, challenges and threats that the industry has gone through.
This commemorative volume was released by Dr. Manmohan Singh, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India at the inaugural function of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of CITI.


Cotton Cultivation is an agricultural marvel and every downstream activity on cotton signifies incremental progression of intellectual and cultural excellence. Man’s tryst with spinning and weaving denotes a higher plane in the learning curve. Those were not mere inventions either by way of accident or driven by necessity. The warp and weft convey arithmetic precision, designs embody application of geometry and dyeing indicates aesthetics and love for colours. Here is the journey, through millennia, of the mystic “White Gold”….


CITI’s Annual Report observes yearly trends as well as year-on-year growth of the Indian textiles sector. Chapters in this annual publication deal with the availability of products, performance, trade and other statistics on the industry. Other chapters include budget and its impacts, corrective measures required, etc. in addition to an overview of CITI’s activities during the year.

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As an authentic one-stop source for all information on Indian textile and textile machinery industry, The Directory carries the most updated information on textiles and clothing companies’ contacts, capacities and range of products available. Fifth edition of the publication is being updated and will be available in Printed Form March 2023 onwards. For advance booking your copy or placing an advertisement, kindly send your request to


CITI publishes demand driven industry specific statistics and reports from time to time. The apex chamber circulates the reports and statistics to its members and also make available to the industry and academia through its website