Invitation to participate in Capacity Building Workshop on “Sustainable Practices: Navigating Social and Environmental Due Diligence” on 25th July 2024 in Coimbatore


Dear Sirs/Madam,


The European parliament has adopted the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) in April this year. This development has significant implications for the Indian suppliers working with “in-scope” business entities of Europe as the compliance / disclosure requirements on these European brands/ buyers are directly dependent on the information provided by the Indian suppliers. Many of these requirements will not be limited to European companies but is expected to be echoed amongst other buyers also.


Given the significance of these developments, CITI has entered into a partnership with Fair Wear Foundation for capacity building of Indian textile units on Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) under CSDDD with the objective of empowering businesses to understand how HRDD can be leveraged to strengthen their bargaining position in the global supply chain, with specific attention to purchasing practices. The objective is to have a two-way communication on the industries rights and responsibilities under this requirement – both for social and environmental due diligences. 


Under this partnership, Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) is organising Capacity Building Workshops on “Sustainable Practices: Navigating Social and Environmental Due Diligence” on 25th July 2024 in Coimbatore. An international expert on HRDD will be taking a dedicated session on the requirements and implications of the legislations for the Indian Textile Industry. 


The day will also have another important session on chemical and environmental due diligences with Regulatory Representatives and Managers Association (RRMA) as our knowledge partner.


Tamil Nadu, as an important textile hub, supplies to numerous well-known European and international brands.  These brands rely on Tamil Nadu’s robust textile manufacturing infrastructure, benefiting from both direct and indirect suppliers to meet their diverse product needs. CITI is pleased to partner with the Southern India Mills Association (SIMA) for the local level stakeholder capacity-building workshop in Coimbatore. 


The workshop will be held as per following schedule :


Date : Thursday, 25th July 2024

Time: 10.30 AM – 5.00 PM

Venue: SIMA Convention Centre, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


About Fair Wear Foundation: Fair Wear was founded in 1999 as an independent organisation with multi-stakeholder governance, including employer, worker and labour rights organisations, working with garment brands, garment workers, manufacturers and other industry stakeholders. Fair Wear currently has 134 member brands.  More details at


About RRMA: Regulatory Representatives and Managers Association (RRMA) is a membership-based association that promotes understanding of chemical compliance and capacity building for industries. It was established in 2021 to represent service providers and regulatory professionals. More details at




Who should attend: 


The above Workshops are designed to empower CEOs and decisions makers in the supplier organisations with not just the knowledge and tools to meet the upcoming regulatory requirements on due diligences as suppliers to the in-scope companies in EU and other western markets, but also be an active contributor to how the frameworks should be made, so that supplier’s concerns and expectations can be integrated into the due diligence framework. 


Why to Attend?


These workshops will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of due diligence processes, helping them to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks associated with their business activities. Through expert presentations, interactive sessions, and real-world case studies, attendees will gain practical insights into implementing sustainable practices that comply with national and international standards.


• Enhance Knowledge and Skills:

o Gain comprehensive insights into the latest legislative requirements from international experts in this domain

o Learn effective methods for conducting social and environmental due diligence.


• Stay Compliant and Competitive:

o Understand regulatory requirements and international standards realtime 

o Equip your organization to meet compliance and reporting obligations.


• Promote Sustainable Growth:

o Integrate sustainability – social and environmental, as envisaged under CSDDD into your business model.

o Drive long-term growth through responsible and ethical practices.


There is no Participation fee for attending the Workshop. However, prior registration is mandatory as we have limited seats for this physical workshop.


Registration link:


For further information on, Programme, Registration, Sponsorship, etc. please contact: Mr. Manoj Sharma, JS, CITI; M: 9013386941 E:


We look forward to your active participation and believe that these workshops will be instrumental in advancing sustainable practices within your organization.


Best regards,



Chandrima Chatterjee

Secretary General