New Delhi – The Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) proudly congratulates Sh. Narendra Modi on being sworn in for his third consecutive term as the Prime Minister of India. His visionary leadership has spearheaded remarkable progress and development across various sectors of the nation.

Mr. Rakesh Mehra, Chairman of CITI, expressed profound admiration and support for Prime Minister Modi’s steadfast commitment to India. “On behalf of the entire textile industry, I extend heartfelt congratulations to Sh. Narendra Modi on this historic achievement. His dynamic leadership has been crucial in propelling India’s growth and cementing its status as a global economic powerhouse,” stated Mr. Mehra.

The textile industry stands as a cornerstone of India’s economy, significantly contributing to employment, exports, and GDP. Mr. Mehra highlighted the industry’s unwavering dedication to collaborating with the government to realize a vision of a prosperous and self-reliant India. “We reiterate our pledge to work closely with the government in fostering innovation, sustainability, and competitiveness within the textile sector. Together, we aim to elevate India’s standing as a global leader in textiles,” he added.

CITI commends the government’s efforts in implementing beneficial schemes and policies that have greatly supported the textile sector. Initiatives such as the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for textiles, the National Technical Textiles Mission, and ongoing support for MSMEs have significantly bolstered the industry.

Mr. Mehra further stated, “We look forward to continuing our robust partnership with the government to address challenges faced by the industry, such as raw material security, infrastructure development, and skill enhancement. By working together, we can achieve sustainable growth and contribute to the nation’s economic prosperity.”

As Prime Minister Modi begins his third term, CITI remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting the government’s efforts in transforming India into a global hub for textiles and apparel. The industry is confident that under his leadership, India will continue to reach new milestones and create a brighter future for all.