NEW DELHI, February 24In a major step towards encouraging India’s textiles-apparel-fashion industry chart out a sustainable path that keeps both the planet and its people at the heart of all activities, the Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) has announced the CITI Birla Awards, and the launch of the first edition of the CITI Sustainability Awards.

The aim of the awards on sustainability—the first ever by an industry body—is two-pronged: (i) recognise efforts currently being made towards sustainability; (ii) incentivise others to tread the same path. The broad objective is to trigger a cascading effect: that of innovation and pragmatic work. And, the CITI Knowledge Partner says it all in its slogan: ‘It Ain’t Fashion,  If It Ain’t Sustainable’.

The awards are open to Indian enterprises, working across the textiles-apparel-fashion value chain, in India. Startups are particularly encouraged to apply.

The last date to apply for the awards is 6 March 2023.

Announcing the awards, T Rajkumar, Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Textile Industry, said: “As the premier national body for the promotion of India’s textiles sector competitiveness and excellence, CITI has been encouraging best practices in various aspects of textile manufacturing since 1993-94 through the CITI Birla Awards. Starting this year, an attempt is being made to expand the areas of focus to encompass efforts toward Sustainability, Circularity, and Traceability of the value chain partners.

“The Indian textiles industry has inherently been very conscious of its social and environmental responsibilities, but better monitoring, management, and demonstration is what we aim to encourage through these awards. We want this to emerge as a complete value chain platform to share and understand more about the best practices on “Sustainability happening around us in India.”

“Sustainability and circularity are the two critical cogs on which the textiles-apparel-fashion industry must move forward, and India needs to ramp up its efforts to be a global leader. The fragmented and diverse nature of the integrated value chain makes the task that much more difficult. The CITI Sustainability Awards are a step in the right direction and will push enterprises to walk this path. We are proud to be associated with the awards as the Knowledge Partner,” said Richa Bansal, Co-Founder and Managing Editor of

In all, the five award categories are as follows:

  1. A)CITI Birla Economic & Textile Research Foundation Awards – 2022-23
    CITI invites applications under CITI Birla Economic & Textile Research Foundation Awards from textile mills for achieving excellence in the following two categories:  


A.I: Contribution Towards Zero Carbon Mission by Textile Mills
To download the application form, please follow the below: 

A.II: Achieving Excellence in Water Conservation by Textile Mills
To download the application form, please click below: 


  1. B)CITI’s Textiles Sustainability Awards 2022-23 | Knowledge Partner: com 

CITI’s Textiles Sustainability Awards 2022-23, with as Knowledge Partner, has three categories:

B.I: Award for Expanding Circularity
To download the application form, please click below:

B.II: Award for Progress Towards Sustainability

To download the application form, please click below: 

B.III: Award for Cutting Edge Retail Practices
To download the application form, please click below: 



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