CIR(021)/2023                                                                                   24th February 2023


Sub.: CITI Textile Awards 2022-23 – reg.

Dear Sirs/Madam,

The Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) has been encouraging excellence across the value chain of textile production since 1993-94 through the CITI BIRLA Awards. Starting this year, an attempt is being made to expand the areas of focus, with special emphasis on Sustainability, Circularity, and Traceability.

Sustainability, Circularity and Traceability will have to increasingly become a part of the Indian textile and apparel industry. Pegged at $170 bn in market size coupled with the burgeoning 1.3 bn population and having strong presence in the entire value chain, sustainability is a challenge and an opportunity for the sector.

The pre-and-post-consumer waste, the missing economies at the drawing board, in design, and across the supply chain — all these and more are imperatives that need to be taken up with urgency. Now is the opportune time for the Indian textile businesses to ask themselves a few fundamental questions:

  • Does their businesses make a positive impact on the environment?
  • Do they ensure responsible production?
  • Are their premises geared to be sustainable?
  • Is the workforce paid as per industry norms? etc.

With the said objective in the mind, the CITI SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS with as Knowledge Partner, have been launched for the first time to nudge the textile and apparel industry to chart out a more aggressive path with both planet and people at the centre of all the activities. The awards will be given in the three categories to acknowledge and promote green steps that players in the Indian textile value chain have taken or have planned as they tread towards a greener future.

The aim is two-pronged: (i) recognize efforts currently being made towards sustainability; (ii) incentivize others to tread the same path. The broader objective is to trigger a cascading effect: that of innovation and pragmatic work.

Award Categories:

  1. CITI Birla Economic & Textile Research Foundation Awards – 2022-23

CITI invites applications under CITI Birla Economic & Textile Research Foundation Awards from the textile mills for achieving excellence in the following two categories:

A.I: Contribution Towards Zero Carbon Mission by Textile Mills; and

To download the application form, please click below:

A.II: Achieving Excellence in Water Conservation by Textile Mills

To download the application form, please click below:

  1. CITI’s Textiles Sustainability Awards 2022-23 | Knowledge

Calling Brands, Manufacturers, MSMEs and Retailers

B.I: Award for Expanding Circularity


  • Do you have: a recycle, reuse, reduce and gradually a cradle-to-grave approach?
  • Do you ensure: Circularity processes have a bearing on one or more of the SDGs?
  • As an organisation: what steps have you taken to go circular?

To download the application form, please click below:

B.II: Award for Progress Towards Sustainability

  • Do you have: a policy statement that spells out your sustainability roadmap?
  • Do you ensure: responsible production?  Scope III emissions quantified?
  • Are your premises geared to be sustainable?

To download the application form, please click below:

B.III: Award for Cutting Edge Retail Practices

  • Are you developing: circular business models like rental, reuse and repair?
  • Are you providing: traceability to consumers? Do your premises/facilities: have a well-defined policy to segregate waste?
  • Are your employees: paid according to industry norms?

To download the application form, please click below:

General Terms & Conditions:

  • Only textile Mills/ companies of Indian origin can apply for an award.
  • The last date for filing the applications is 6th March 2023.
  • The application and supporting documents should not carry the company logo/ watermarks/ signages/ names etc. to the extent possible to ensure anonimised entries.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will not be entertained.

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(Chandrima Chatterjee)

Secretary General