Cir(132)/2023-November 21, 2023


Member Associations/ Associate Members / Affiliate Members

Dear Sirs,

The Board of Trustees of CITI-Birla Economic and Textile Research Foundation have decided to grant two Awards of Rs.1 (One) Lakh each to the textile mills who have achieved excellence in award topics as listed below:

Award I: Best Practices adopted by Textile Mills especially in Social Responsibility & Green Practices.

Award II: Innovative Material Management in Textile Mills

Textile mills are invited to apply for the above-mentioned awards using the attached questionnaires and send the duly filled application to our email latest by Friday, 15th December 2023.

Applications received from textile mills will be scrutinized by a Jury appointed for the purpose. The decision of the Jury for the grant of Award shall be final and binding.

You are requested to kindly circulate the information among your member mills with a request to submit their application on email by timeline stipulated above.

Thanking you,

With Best Regards,

(Chandrima Chatterjee)

Honorary Secretary