Cir(146)/2023-January 01, 2024

Cir(146)/2023-January 01, 2024



Sub: Minutes of the 36th meeting of Technical Advisory Monitoring Committee (TAMC) under ATUFS held on 21.11.2023-reg.


Dear Sirs/Madam,


This is to inform you all that the 36th Meeting of the Technical Advisory-cum-Monitoring Committee (TAMC) for discussing the issues on Amended Technology Upgradation Funds Scheme (ATUFS) and Previous Versions of TUFS was held on 21.11.2023 virtually under the Chairpersonship of Ms. Roop Rashi, Textile Commissioner. During the meeting, the TAMC members were apprised about the Progress of TUFS which includes the Progress of Allotted fund for the Financial year 2023-24 and the Segment Wise Details of UIDs issued & Subsidy released under ATUFS (as on 14.11.2023).

The various cases which were discussed in the meetings and the corresponding decisions taken by the 36th TAMC are given below:

Sr.No. Agenda Description Decision of the 36th TAMC

Condoning the delay in timeline to forward the JIT report of the claims under ATUFS in i-TUFS portal beyond 2+7 days.


The committee deliberated that since the manufacturing unit was not at fault and process of submission could not be completed in stipulated time frame due to software issue, all above 31 cases which are at Annexure- ll are recommended for placing before IMSC for condonation of delay.

Condoning the delay in submission of JIT request beyond the timeline of 2 years due to isolation of

i-TUFS portal for maintenance/audit purpose.


The committee deliberated that since the manufacturing unit was not at fault and units could not apply for JIT due to software issue, the relief should be granted to units by condoning the delay. Therefore, TAMC recommended 225 cases for placing in IMSC for condoning delay in submission of JIT request beyond 2 years from the date of sanction of Term loan.

Treatment of claims where over invoicing have been occurred Some of Industry representatives pointed out that Industry should be given chance to explain the reasons for over invoicing. The committee was informed that unit has made detailed presentation before ITC(Internal Technical Committee) more than once and after due diligence the case was referred to DRI. TAMC noted the development in this regard.
Shifting of machineries claimed under ATUFS after conduct of JIT inspection without prior intimation to the Office of the Textile Commissioner. Some members of TAMC were of the opinion that 10 years period for disposal should be reduced to 7 yrs due to fast developments in technology. The TAMC was briefed that Scheme is already closed and it may not be feasible to change it at this stage, However guidelines stipulate that prior approval has to be taken from the Textile Commissioner before disposal.
For ratification of machinery manufacturer/authorized agents enlistment TAMC ratified the decision of 69th & 70th ITC.
Physical verification of machinery manufacturer M/s. Nex Yarn Technology LLP for enlistment under ATUFS TAMC ratified the decision of 69th ITC  that the unit is not having sufficient manufacturing infrastructure/activity. Hence, the committee did not recommend the enlistment of M/s. Nex Yarn Technology LLP as textile machine manufacturer under ATUFS.
Request for Change of Effective date in respect of previous request for starting commercial activities from one unit to another unit as per previous ITC decision TAMC ratified the decision of 71st ITC to not to consider the request of the manufacturer as same was considered based on declaration of the manufacturer. Hence no further revision can be considered now and therefore, ratified the decision.

The detailed MoM of the meeting containing the details of the above agenda items is attached for the kind perusal of the members.

Members are kindly requested to take note of the above.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Chandrima Chatterjee 

(Secretary General)