Circular No. Date of Issue Subject
CIR(042)/2016 04.01.2016 Proceedings of the 1st Meeting of the Committee of CITI
CIR(043)/2016 04.01.2016 Notification No.1/2016 – Central Excise dt 04.01.2016
CIR(044)/2016 05.01.2016 Notification No.1/2016 – Customs dt. 04.01.2016
CIR(045)/2016 06.01.2016 Agenda for the 2nd meeting of the Committee of CITI
CIR(046)/2016 12.01.2016 Request to Participate and support INTEXCON 2016 in Ahmedabad
CIR(047)/2015 14.01.2016 Resolution on A-TUFS dated 13th January 2016
CIR(048)/2015 19.01.2016 Trade Facilitation Measures in all DGFT Offices
CIR(050)/2015 28.01.2016 Public Notice No.57/2015-2020 dated 27.01.2016
CIR(051)/2015 29.01.2016 Notifications issued by CBEC, Department of Revenue, MoF
CIR(052)/2015 01.02.2016 Amendment in para 2.05 (c) of Foreign Trade Policy (2015-20)
CIR(053)/2015 01.02.2016 Notification No.04/2016-Central Excise dated 30.01.2016
CIR(054)/2015 01.02.2016 Amendment in Para 5.01(g) of FTP 2015-2020
CIR(055)/2015 03.02.2016 Amendment in ANF 2A of Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms (2015-2020)
CIR(056)/2015 03.02.2016 Notification No.01/2016-Customs Excise (N.T.) dated 01.02.2016
CIR(057)/2015 03.02.2016 Notification No.07/2016-Customs dated 2nd February 2016
CIR(058)/2015 04.02.2016 Report on TUFS by Mr. V.K. Ladia, Chairman, CITI’s Sub-Committee on TUFS
CIR(059)/2015 05.02.2016 Refund of Swachh Bharat Cess to SEZs or the Developer
CIR(060)/2015 08.02.2016 Proceedings of the 2nd Meeting of the Committee of CITI
CIR(061)/2015 12.02.2016 Amendments effective 11.2.2016 to the All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback – reg.
CIR(062)/2015 12.02.2016 Closure of Advance Authorisation Licences as per Para 4.16(a) of FTP 2009-14 pending for want of payment to be received from foreign currency account of SEZ unit
CIR(063)/2015 15.02.2016 Instruction on Applications for IEC/ Modifications in IEC – reg.
CIR(064)/2015 15.02.2016 Interest Equalisation Scheme on Pre and Post Shipment Rupee Export Credit
CIR(065)/2015 16.02.2016 Attendance of Committee Members during the FY 2015-16
CIR(065A)/2015 18.02.2016 List of prosecution cases in Central Excise – reg.
CIR(066)/2015 18.02.2016 Notification No. 05/2016 – Service Tax
CIR(067)/2015 24.02.2016 Minutes of the Second Meeting of Consultative Committee of Cotton Advisory Board (CAB) for the cotton season 2015-16 held on 02.02.2016 – reg.
CIR(068)/2015 24.02.2016 Representations to the Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India – reg.
CIR(069)/2015 25.02.2016 Invitation for the Half-Day Seminar on Union Budget 2016-17 in Mumbai
CIR(070)/2015 26.02.2016 Notice for the 3rd Meeting of the Committee of CITI
CIR(071)/2015 26.02.2016 Amendment in Annexure-1 of Appendix 2A of Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms (2015-2020)
CIR(072)/2015 29.02.2016 Minutes of 2nd meeting of Working Group to Formulate Standards and Technical Regulations
CIR(073)/2015 29.02.2016 FM’s Speech & Highlights of the Union Budget 2016-17
CIR(074)/2015 29.02.2016 Textile Industry’s reaction on the Union Budget 2016-17
CIR(075)/2015 29.02.2016 Highlights of Union Budget 2016-17 pertaining to the Textile Industry
CIR(076)/2015 02.03.2016 Textile Times – CITI’s Monthly Magazine
CIR(077)/2015 03.03.2016 Resolution on A-TUFS dated 29th February 2016
CIR(078)/2015 04.03.2016 Amendments in Guidelines of RR-TUFS for considering UID applications – reg.
CIR(079)/2015 07.03.2016 Grant of EDF Waiver for Export of Goods Free of Cost
CIR(080)/2015 07.03.2016 Technical meeting cum workshop with Various Stakeholders for Textile Sector
CIR(081)/2015 07.03.2016 9th Asian Textile Conference (ATEXCON), in Mumbai, India
CIR(082)/2015 07.03.2016 Agenda for the 3rd meeting of the Committee of CITI
CIR(083)/2016 09.03.2016 Highlights of TUF TAMC Meeting held on 07.03.16 in Mumbai
CIR(084)/2016 09.03.2016 Minutes of the Org. Committee Meeting to finalize accounts of 74th ICAC Plenary Meeting
CIR(085)/2016 09.03.2016 Notification No. 20/2016-Service Tax
CIR(086)/2016 16.03.2016 Highlights of the 2nd Meeting of TAMC under A-TUFS held on 14.03.2016
CIR(087)/2016 18.03.2016 Notification No.22/2016-Central Excise (NT) dt. 15.03.2016
CIR(088)/2016 18.03.2016 Revised Framework for Revival and Rehabilitation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
CIR(089)/2016 18.03.2016 Scheme for Collection of Dues of (i) Central Board of Direct Taxes (ii) Central Board of Excise and Customs, etc
CIR(090)/2016 22.03.2016 Minutes of the 1st Meeting of the TAMC under ATUFS
CIR(091)/2016 22.03.2016 Minutes of the 2nd Meeting of the TAMC under ATUFS
CIR(092)/2016 22.03.2016 Invitation for Expression of Interest for Development of CBRN Products
CIR(093)/2016 28.03.2016 Formation of the Sub-committee on TUFS – reg.
CIR(094)/2016 29.03.2016 Prevention of use of non-genuine transferable duty credit scrips or DFIA (duty free import authorizations)
CIR(095)/2016 30.03.2016 Notification on E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016
CIR(096)/2016 31.03.2016 External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) – Revised framework
CIR(097)/2016 31.03.2016 Construction and Demolition Waste Management Rules, 2016
CIR(098)/2016 31.03.2016 Highlights of the 3rd Meeting of TAMC of A-TUFS held on March 30, 2016
CIR(099)/2016 01.04.2016 Implementation of Integrated Declaration – reg.
CIR(100)/2016 04.04.2016 CENVAT Credit (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2016
CIR(101)/2016 04.04.2016 Notification No. 21/2016-Service Tax
CIR(102)/2016 04.04.2016 Sad demise of Shri S.S. Kanoria
CIR(103)/2016 05.04.2016 Circular No. 1 (2015-2016 series) under A-TUFS
CIR(104)/2016 05.04.2016 Contribution under CSR activities for ICMF CDRA
CIR(105)/2016 06.04.2016 First Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement, 2016-17
CIR(106)/2016 08.04.2016 Minutes of 3rd meeting of the TAMC under ATUFS scheduled on 30.03.2016
CIR(107)/2016 08.04.2016 Amendment in General Note No.15 for Textiles (Product Code: J)
CIR(108)/2016 08.04.2016 Public Notice No.166 dated 05.04.2016-
CIR(109)/2016 08.04.2016 Proceedings of the 3rd meeting of the Committee of CITI held on 09.03.2016
CIR(110)/2016 10.04.2016 Circular No.134 dated 07.04.2016-
CIR(111)/2016 12.04.2016 Introduction of Definition of e-commerce in Foreign Trade Policy (2015-2020)
CIR(112)/2016 12.04.2016 Import/Export of Gifts by Courier – reg.
CIR(113)/2016 12.04.2016 Notification SO.1327 (E) dated 06.04.2016
CIR(114)/2016 12.04.2016 Clarification on issues regarding levy of Service Tax on the services provided by Government or a local authority to business entities – reg.
CIR(115)/2016 14.04.2016 Notification No. 24/2016- Central Excise (N.T.)
CIR(116)/2016 25.04.2016 Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 –reg.
CIR(117)/2016 26.04.2016 Objections and Suggestions against Proposed Amendment of Rule 25(2)(iv) of Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Central Rules, 1971
CIR(119)/2016 27.04.2016 Meeting with Secretary Textiles on textile related issues
CIR(120)/2015 27.04.2016 Clarification regarding export subsidies on cotton