Request for Comments on Indian Standards drafted/modified by Sectional Committee TXD 40 and Sectional Committee TXD 14

Cir(049)/2023                                                                           25th April 2023



Dear Sirs/Madam,


Greetings from CITI!


This is to inform you all that the Textile Machinery and Accessories Sectional Committee – TXD 14 and Composites and Speciality Fibres Sectional Committee – TXD 40 of BIS have prepared the given below documents:

S No Document Number Title Document Type Document Link
1 TXD 14 (22320) WC Textiles machinery reed guide for selection first revision of IS 12910 Revision of Indian Standard (IS 12910 : 1990) click here
2 TXD 40 (22322) WC Textiles glass fibre rovings for the reinforcement of polyester and of epoxide resin systems specification second revision of IS 11320 Revision of Indian Standard (IS 11320 : 1997) click here
3 TXD 40 (20310) WC Textile glass chopped-strand mats for reinforcement of plastics determination of time of dissolution of the binder in styrene New Indian Standard click here
4 TXD 40 (22321) WC Textiles woven roving fabrics of e glass fibre specification second revision of IS 11273 Revision of Indian Standard (IS 11273 : 1992) click here
5 TXD 40 (20311) WC Textile glass mats made from chopped or continuous strands designation and basis for specifications New Indian Standard click here

S No wise salient features of the documents which may require specific attention for valuable comments of members are as below:

  1. This standard specifies equipment and recommends procedure for selection of reed, with a view to reduce the incidence of warp streaks in the resultant fabric, namely, plain woven cotton fabric

  1. This standard prescribes requirements and the methods of sampling and test for glass fibre rovings made from ‘E’ – glass intended for the reinforcement of polyester and epoxide resin systems, and for use in accordance with the roving suppliers recommendations. Some rovings are suitable for use with both polyester and epoxide resin systems, whilst others are only for one or the other.

  1. This International Standard specifies a method of determining the time taken for a tensile load to break the bond between the strands of a textile glass chopped-strand mat, used for the reinforcement of plastics, which is immersed in styrene.

  1. This standard covers woven roving fabrics of ‘E’ glass fibres intended for use as reinforcement with polyester and epoxide resin systems.

  1. This International Standard provides a basis for specifications which is applicable only to textile glass mats that are made from chopped or continuous strands bonded together by chemical or mechanical means and that are used for the reinforcement of plastics. It is not applicable to surfacing mats, staple-fibre mats or glass mats (or bats) of the type used for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Members are requested to kindly examine the documents and share your comments (if any) before 4th May so that the same can be compiled and taken up with the Sectional Committee for necessary action.

Placed for your kind information and necessary action.

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With Best Regards,

(Chandrima Chatterjee)

Secretary General